Teaching Development Services

The Center provides instruction assessment services, consultations, workshops and technology training to faculty members. 

Instruction Assessment and Improvement Process

Designed to improve teaching in the college, the Instruction Assessment and Improvement Process introduces in-house assessment instruments and three formats for assessing instruction. The three formats are: Peer Assessment, Mid-Semester Evaluation, and The Teaching/Learning Center Assessment. Faculty members may choose any one or all three of the formats in identifying their strengths and areas for improvement in their teaching. The Teaching/Learning Center provides resources, one-on-one counseling, and workshops to address the areas for improvement identified during assessments. 

Teaching Workshops

The Center provides on-going mini workshops that address a variety of teaching and learning issues. Workshop topics include: developing tests, problem-based learning techniques, computer technology in the teaching process and teaching and learning styles.

Teaching With Technology Series (TWTS)

The Teaching With Technology Series is designed to train faculty in the use of the most recent technology in enhancing the teaching/learning process. The series is ongoing and provides training for faculty in individual, small group, or departmental formats. Faculty choose the available resources, training format, and the semester in which they wish to be trained. The goals are to familiarize faculty with computer resources, increase their comfort level in using the resources, and provide them with another medium by which concepts introduced in the classroom might be reinforced.

Faculty Consultations

The Center provides consultation for faculty in addressing teaching and learning issues such as developing course syllabi, improving interactions with students, and testing and grading consultations.  

Confidentiality and Academic Freedom are very important to the TLC. We have developed guidelines to address issues related to the confidentiality of  consultation sessions between the TLC personnel and faculty receiving our services.

Small Group Instructional Discussion (SGID):  A member of the TLC team will visit a classroom to obtain student feedback about a class. The discussion will take only 15 minutes.  The facilitator will discuss effective and ineffective aspects of the class with the students and receive their suggestions for improvement. They will then review student responses for themes. After which the facilitator will then discuss with the instructor the students’ responses and brainstorm ways to address the students’ concerns. Please click the link below for a sample of questions that will be asked in the discussion