Teaching/Learning Center (TLC)

Mission and Purpose
In keeping with Tuskegee University's mission of nurturing and challenging students to reach their full potential, the Teaching/Learning Center in the College of Veterinary Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health exists to ensure that our students receive the best education that we have to offer.  The Center promotes independent and self-directed learning while recognizing that some latent skills and abilities require additional reinforcement to be revealed.
Our goal is to constantly evaluate and improve our efforts in educating our students. We accomplish this goal by:
  • Acknowledging and addressing areas for improvement in teaching
  • Keeping abreast of the latest technology in facilitating teaching and learning
  • Identifying the academic needs and concerns of students
  • Providing appropriate formats for addressing student and faculty needs
Utilizing the principles of Total Quality adopted by the University, the TLC accomplishes its objective by working as a team with faculty, students, and staff in addressing teaching and learning needs and by recognizing the humanity of each learner it serves. The Teaching/Learning Center provides students, faculty and staff with educational products, resources and services that facilitate the learning process and enhance professional development.
We also seek to help enhance the education and training of the people in the greater Tuskegee area by extending our services to the community. The combined units of the Teaching/Learning Center include:
  • AudioVisual/AutoTutorial Laboratory
  • Student Computing Laboratory
  • PeerTutoring Program
  • Counseling Services
We address our customers' needs by providing resources and services that include:
  • Academic Skills Assessment and Development
  • Computer Resource Training
  • Instructional Skills Assessment
  • Development Academic Counseling
  • Non-Print Resource Provision and Acquisition
  • Personal Counseling
  • Academic Tutoring
We are committed to providing resources and services in a timely and professional manner