Teaching/Learning Resources


Faculty Teaching/Learning Resource Guide

The resource guide, developed by the Teaching/Learning Center, is available to faculty and staff. The guide serves as a vehicle for the dissemination of literature and research on teaching and learning. The guide contains, among other things, various articles that include tips and strategies for getting good results in the classroom. 

Academic Skills Resource Guide

The Academic Skills Guide provides students with information on effective study skills. Developed especially for first-year veterinary medical students and freshmen in nursing and allied health, the guide is made available to all students. The guide addresses the "how to's" of studying. The topics include effective group study, developing critical thinking skills, test-taking, note-taking, time management and other skills needed to ensure academic and professional success. 

Teaching/Learning Center Library

The Teaching/Learning Center houses both printed and video publications that address teaching and learning issues. These resources are available to faculty, students and staff and may be checked out of the Center during normal business hours. Below is a list of some of the titles available through the Teaching/Learning Center Library.

Teaching Resources

  • 147 Practical Tips for Teaching Professors , Robert Magnan
  • Art and Craft of Teaching , Margaret M. Gullette (Editor)
  • Bringing Problem-Based Learning to Higher Education: Theory and Practice , Lu Ann Wilkerson, Wim H. Gijselaers, Editors
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques , Thomas A. Angelo and K. Patricia Cross
  • Effective Grading: A Tool for Learning and Assessment, Barbara Walvoord and Virginia Johnson Anderson
  • Effective Teaching, Effective Learning , Alice Fairhurst and Lisa Fairhurst
  • Elements of Teaching , James M. Banner, Jr. and Harold C. Cannon
  • First Steps to Excellence in College Teaching , Glenn Ross Johnson
  • A Handbook for Teachers in Universities and Colleges , David Newble and Robert Cannon
  • How to Design Self-Directed and Distance Learning Programs , Nigel Harrison
  • How to Teach for Critical Thinking (Video Series), The Foundation for Critical Thinking
  • Instructor Excellence, Mastering the Delivery of Training , Bob Powers
  • Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching , M. D. Roblyer, et. al.
  • Mastering the Techniques of Teaching , Joseph Lowman
  • Mega-Universities and Knowledge Media: Technology Strategies for Higher Education , John S. Daniel
  • Metateaching and the Instructional Map , William A Timpson
  • Multimedia in Higher Education: A Practical Guide to New Tools for Interactive Teaching and Learning, Dennis R. Falk and Helen Carlson
  • New Curriculum for New Times: A Guide to Student-Centered, Problem-Based Learning , Neal A Glasglow
  • The Passionate Teacher: A Practical Guide , Robert L. Fried and Deborah Meier
  • Planning Programs for Adult Learners: A Practical Guide for Educators, Trainers, and Staff Developers , Rosemary S. Caffarella
  • Professors are From Mars, Students and From Snickers , Ronald A. Berk
  • The Professor in the Classroom (Subscription)
  • Rethinking University Teaching: A Framework for the Effective Use of Educational Technology , Diana Laurillard
  • Successful College Teaching: Problem Solving Strategies of Distinguished Professors , Sharon A. Baiocco and Jamie DeWaters
  • Teaching College: Collected Readings for the New Instructor, Maryellen Weimer and Rose Ann Neff (Editors)
  • Tools For Teaching , Barbara Gross Davis
  • Teaching and Learning in the College Classroom , Kenneth A. Feldman and Michael B. Paulsen (Editors) 

Academic Skills Resources

  • 180 Icebreakers to Strengthen Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills , Imogene Forte and Sandra Schurr
  • Academic Reading With Active Critical Thinking, Janet Maker and Minette Lenier
  • Accelerated Learning , Colin Rose
  • Acquiring Critical Thinking Skills , Marilyn Meltzer and Susan M. Palau
  • Analytical Reading and Reasoning, Arthur Whimby
  • Anatomy: Embryology, Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Microanatomy (Oklahoma Notes), Raymond E. Papka (Editor)
  • The Art of Thinking: A Guide to Critical and Creative Thought , Vincent R. Ruggiero
  • Breakthroughs in Critical Reading: Developing Reading and Critical Thinking Skills, Patricia Ann Benner
  • Calculation of Drug Dosages , Caroline Janney and Jane Timpe
  • Clinical Calculations for Nurses: With Basic Mathematics Review , Mary Jane Cordon
  • Critical Thinking: An Introduction to the Basic Skills , William Hughes
  • College Study Strategies: Thinking and Learning,  Marcia Laskey and Paula Gibson
  • Dosage Calculation: A Simplified Approach , Billie Ann Wilson, et. al.
  • Dosage Calculations Manual , Catherine M. Todd and Belle Erickson
  • Gifted Hands the Ben Carson Story , Murphey Cecil, et. al.
  • How to Excel in Medical School, Norma S. Saks
  • How to Study: Use Your Personal Learning Style to Help You Succeed When It Counts , Gail Wood
  • Imagine!: Enhancing Your Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills , Anthony D. Paustian
  • Improve Your Reading, Ron Fry
  • Learning to Study Through Critical Thinking , Jonelle A. Beatrice
  • Learning Veterinary Terminology , Douglas F. McBride, et. al.
  • Medical Technology Examination Review and Study Guide , Anna P. Ciulla and Georganne K Buescher
  • The Occupational Therapy Examination Review Guide , Debra N. Anderson, et. al.
  • Physiology (Oklahoma Notes), Roger Thies (Editor)
  • Peak Learning: A Master Course in Learning How to Learn , Ronald Gross
  • The Princeton Review: Reading Smart: Advanced Techniques for Improved Reading, Nicholas R. Scaffzin
  • The Secrets of Taking Any Test , Judith N. Meyers, et. al.
  • Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies for Medical Students: Find and Use Your Personal Learning Style (Oklahoma Notes), Deborah D. Shain
  • Study Skills Strategies: Your Guide to Critical Thinking , Uelaine Lengefeld, et. al.
  • Succeeding in College With Attention Deficit Disorders,  Jennifer S. Bramer
  • Super Reading Skills , Howard Stephen Berg
  • Survival Guide for College Students With Attention Deficit Disorders or Learning Disorders , Kathleen Nadeau
  • Teaching Test Taking Skills: Helping Students Show What They Know , Thomas E. Scruggs, et. al.
  • Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for the Healthcare Student , Barbara A. Vitale and Patricia M. Nugent
  • USA Today: Read All About It: Mastering Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking Skills, Ethel Tiersky and Esther Dickstein
  • Vets: Complete Preparation for the Veterinary Entrance Tests: The Science of Review 1999 , Wilkins Williams

Resources for Tutors

  • 500 Tips for Tutors (Teaching and Learning in Higher Education), Philip Race and Sally A. Brown
  • The Master Tutor: A Guidebook for More Effective Tutoring , Ross B. MacDonald
  • The Tutoring Handbook: A Complete Guide for Student Tutors , Marilyn Jones

Resources for Administrators

  • Energetic Meetings: Enhancing Personal and Group Energy & Handling Difficult Behavior, Jeanie Marshall
  • How to Run Seminars and Workshops, Presentation Skills for Consultants and Trainers & Teachers , Robert L. Jolles
  • Meetings Do's, Don't, and Donuts: The Complete Handbook for Successful Meetings  Sharon M. Lippincott
  • Meetings That Work!  A Practical Guide to Shorter & More Productive Meetings , Richard Y. Shang and Kevin R. Kehoe