Organization of the Unit and its place in the college

The VTH is the functional unit within the DCS which is responsible for providing and coordinating the outreach and in-house service components of the Department. The major components consist of Pharmacy, Business Affairs, Small Animal Services, Large Animal Services and Diagnostic Imaging.

Four laboratories make up the diagnostic services unit: necropsy/histopathology, clinical pathology/parasitology, microbiology/immunology, and toxicology. Currently, these laboratories are staffed and supervised by personnel from the Departments of Pathobiology (clinical pathology, microbiology, and necropsy/histopathology) and Biomedical Sciences (toxicology) and are not a direct component of the VTH.

The governing body for the VTH is the Hospital Board which consists of six members of the clinical faculty, one faculty member from the diagnostic services and the business manager. The Hospital Board serves to advise and make recommendations to the Hospital Director concerning the day-to-day operation of the VTH. The hospital director, is appointed by and is responsible to the Dean