Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine

Holds White Coat Ceremony for Junior Class

by Anissa L. Riley


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (February 25, 2013) – The Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine (TUSVM) recently held its Annual White Coat Ceremony at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center at Tuskegee University.  Members of the TUSVM’s Class of 2014 (junior class) were given “white coats” to welcome them to the clinic portion of the veterinary medical curriculum.  Each student had an embroidered white coat displaying their name and state emblem, along with their school’s name.   

Bill Allen, Alabama Veterinary Medical Association president, presented white coats to the Alabama students; Mark Smith, Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association president-elect, presented white coats to students from Kentucky; and Patricia Hill, South Carolina Veterinary Medical Association president, made the presentation for South Carolina students.  Pfizer Animal Health, The McConnell Group, and Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc., were the generous sponsors for this year’s white coat ceremony.

A total of 66 Tuskegee veterinary medical third-year students were recognized and presented white coats while guests witnessed the ceremony and enjoyed an evening of fellowship. 

White Coats were presented to the following members of the TUSVM Class of 2014:  Amy Alexander, Ashley Alleyne, Roy Arredondo, William Bauer, Willie Bidot, Jeanette Bimonte, Christien       Bolden, Thelma Brown, Sequoia Bruinton, Thomas Caltabilota, Domonique Carter, Melissa Chavis, Maura Cicci, Jessica Claudio,           Kayce Clemmons, Emily Coates, Tiffany Collins, Adriana Colon Rodriguez, Jose Cruz Otero, Dania Del Castillo, Jessica Dewar, Lauren Dodd, Katherine Driver, Wesley Dyer, Blake Fields,    Giavanna Gaymon, Dominique Gueringer, Amelia Harris, Megan Harris, Aja Harvey,  Dianne Hernandez,  Sarah Hickey, Pablo Hidalgo, Kimberly Holifield, Ashley Hopkins, Kaylyn (Dillard) Infante, Jannel Irons, Christina Larsen, Nicole Lukovsky, Erinn Mackey, Raphael Malbrue, Daveeta Marcellin, Janae Mattaur, Kerry Maxaner, Lore McBroom, Shannon Metcalf, LaDissa Moore, Davriel Morrow, Brittani Nickens, Rachel Park, Karen Park, Natalie Quader, Lauren Ray, Charlene Rivera, Ednellys Rivera Gonzalez, Sherrell Roberts, Alexandra Rosado Quintero, Bethany Scott, Kyle Thornton, Simone Tomlinson, Joseph Tomlinson, Aida Vientos, Kindra Washington, Audrey Weaver, Khalila Williams, and Shermaine Cox Wilson.