Department of Construction Science

The Construction Science Department provides professional training in construction management. The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Construction Science and Management can be completed in four years and includes courses in general studies and physical sciences, construction materials and systems, architectural technology, surveying, construction management and business.

Graduates who complete the Construction Science and Management Program enter the building industry as professionals who are capable of performing in a number of capacities. The curriculum endeavors to produce professionals who are managers of people, finance, time and physical resource, and who are knowledgeable of the standards of quality required of all trades employed during the construction process.

Bachelor of Science in Construction Science and Management

The Construction Science and Management program at Tuskegee is one of the oldest construction baccalaureate programs in the country.  Its roots can be traced back to the trade orientation that Tuskegee had in the early twentieth century. Its mission at one time was to provide skilled craftsmen who were capable of building sound structures and who would ultimately strive to become general contractors.

However, the present mission is much broader than the original one. The skills that are required of its graduates are more comprehensive. Construction graduates are required to appreciate the work of the craftsman and know the standards of quality that are required of all trades involved in the construction process. But the construction professional is also a manager of people, money, time and physical resources. The curriculum of the Construction Science and Management program endeavors to develop these skills through course offerings in general studies, Physical Science, Humanities, Business, and Architecture in addition to construction courses.

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