José Luis Colmenares

Associate Professor, Joined TU in 2009


Bachelor of Architecture, The University of Texas at Austin, 1976

Bachelor of Arts in Art. St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas, 1976

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, 1977

Master of Architecture, The University of Texas at Austin, 1978

Master of Science in Architectural History (thesis pending), UCV


Associate Professor, Tuskegee University, Department of Architecture, 2009-present

Assistant Professor, Tuskegee Institute, Department of Architecture, 1983-1984

Courses taught:

  • Architectural Design Studio (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th years)
  • Materials and Construction Procedures
  • History of Architecture I and II
  • Structures I

Associate Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts, Jose Maria Vargas University, Caracas, Venezuela, 1985-1996

Courses taught:

  • Architectural Design Studio (all levels) and Thesis Advisor
  • Survey of Architectural History
  • History of Architecture I (Ancient through Baroque)
  • History of Architecture II (17th through late 19th centuries)
  • History of Architecture III (Modern through Contemporary)
  • History of Pre-Columbian Architecture
  • History of Colonial Architecture in Latin America
  • Modern and Contemporary Architecture in Latin America
  • The Chicago School of Architecture
  • Frank Lloyd Wright, the American epitome
  • History of Architecture in the USA
  • Postmodern and Late-Modern Architecture
  • Modern and Contemporary Architecture in Canada (sponsored by the Canadian Government)
  • Seminars on Antonio Gaudi, Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto and others
  • Art Nouveau Architecture: Paris-Brussels, Barcelona and Vienna
  • The Viennese Secession
  • Theory of Architecture

Broward College and Palm Beach State College, Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Boca Raton, Florida, 2004-2009

Courses taught:

  • Architectural Design Studio (1st and 2nd years)
  • Survey of Architectural History
  • Theory of Architecture

Note: As a keen observer and avid photographer of architecture, Prof. Colmenares has gathered a unique (and continuously expanding) 30,000, in-situ, slide collection from all over the world; which he uses as a provocative and powerful tool in his classes and lectures.


  • I Seminar on Architectural Design - Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. Mexico. 1973.
  • Symposium on Latin-American Art and Literature. The University of Texas at Austin. 1975.
  • Annual Conference - Society of Architectural Historians. San Antonio, Texas. 1978.
  • COURSE: Problem Solving with CPM, Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1980.
  • Architecture and Context. Charles Moore, Peter Papademetrio, Kenneth Frampton. Auburn University, Alabama. 1984.
  • Architects against Classicism. Universidad Central de Venezuela. 1985.
  • Bienal de Arquitectura. Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1985.
  • Ontology of the Urban Space. Universidad Jose Maria Vargas, Caracas, Venezuela. 1985.
  • Seminars at Fundacion Museo de arquitectura. Caracas, Venezuela.
    • The House as a Theme. 1989.
    • Spanish Architecture. 1990.
    • Colombian Architecture. 1991.
    • Mexican Architecture. 1992.
  • VI International Seminar of Latin-American Architecture (SAL). Caracas, Venezuela. 1993.
  • VI International Conference on Conservation of Historic Centers in Iberoamerica. CAI-UCV. 1994.
  • COURSE: Latin-American Architecture Theory. UCV. 1994.
  • IX Bienal Panamericana de Quito. Confrontation. History, theory and criticism. Ecuador. 1994.
  • European-Latin-American Encounter on ARchitectural teaching. CAI. Institut Superieur D'Architecture de la Communaute Francaise "La Cambre." Brussels, Belgium. 1995.
  • Conference on legislation and actions on Historic Centers. Instituto de Patrimonio Cultural. Caracas. 1995.
  • X Bienal Panamerican de Quito. Confrontation. History, theory and criticism. Ecuador. 1996.
  • "When Modern was Modern." Yale University School of Architecture. New Haven, Connecticut. 2004.
  • AIA Annual Meeting, Miami Beach, Florida. June 2010.


Published Articles (Partial List):

  • The problem of Architectural Preservation. RIS Magazine. 1979.
  • The Chaotic urban drama. RIS Magazine. 1980.
  • Public transportation as a safety factor. RIS Magazine. 1981.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright and the textile block. CROQUIS Magazine. 1984.
  • Construction Codes. The American Model (A historical view). 1985.
  • Building's fire risk. Horizon Magazine. 1986.
  • The image of Corporate Architecture. RIS Magazine. 1988.
  • School Temperature. Evaluation of an academic plan. UJMV. Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts. 1992.
  • Alcock Workshop. A contribution to Architectural Museology. Book introduction. 1992.
  • Architects and Works. "A & O" Magazine. 1994.
  • Fernando Lugo, Architect: "Without tradition there is no memory, without prophecy there is no hope." "A & O" Magazine. 1995.
  • Easthope Pier: A project for Miami Beach. Entrerayas Magazine. 2009.
  • Tokyo Fashion Museum - Deco News Magazine 2010.

Published Books:

  • Carlos Guinad Sandoz, Architect. 1989.


  • Senior Show. Paintings. St. Edward's University. 1976.
  • Watercolors. Ceramics and Prints. St. Edward's University. 1977.
  • Coche Island City Project. CIV. 1983.
  • Coche Island City Project. Tuskegee University, Alabama. 1984.

Lectures (Partial List):

  • A.J.S. University Institute of Technology:
    • Contemporary Architecture in Canada. 1980.
    • Contextual Architecture. 1981.
    • Piazza Italia and Post-Modernism. 1981.
    • Marcel Breuer and the Bauhaus. 1990.
  • University of Southwestern Lousiana, Lafayette:
    • Modern and Contemporary Architecture in Latin America. 1981.
  • Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama
    • Antonio Gaudi. Life and Work. 1984.
  • The University of Texas at Austin:
    • Contemporary Architecture in Iberoamerica 1987.
  • Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela:
    • Architecture in the thirties. 1990.
  • Universidad Mayor de San Andrews, Bolivia:
    • The contemporary House. 1991.
  • Universidad Central de Venezuela:
    • Origins and development of the Pre-Columbian city. 1991.
    • The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. 1993.
  • Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela:
    • The Architectural Philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright. 1993.
  • Institut Superieur D'Architecture de la Communate Francaise "La Cambre." Brussels, Belgium.
    • On Architectural Teaching. 1995.
  • Universidad Autonoma del Caribe, Columbia.
    • Survey of Latin-American Architecture from 1945-1995.

Seminars (Partial List):

  • A.J.S. University Institute of Technology
    • Architecture in the United States since the Chicago School (16 lectures). 1981.
    • Brief History of Latin-American Architecture (12 lectures). 1981.
    • Frank Lloyd Wright: Life and Work (6 lectures). 1982.
  • Colegio de Arquitectos de Venezuela:
    • Masters of Contemporary Architecture (10 lectures). 1985.
  • Universidad Jose Maria Vargas:
    • Frank Lloyd Wright. The American epitome (10 lectures). 1986.
    • Brief History of Colonial Architecture in Latin-America (6 lectures). 1991.
  • Galeria de Arte Nacional, Caracas:
    • Carlos Guinand Sandoz Centennial (1 lecture). 1990.
    • Jimmy Alcock, Architect (1 lecture). 1989.
  • Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas:
    • Alvar Aalto and Modern Architecture (1 lecture). 1997.
    • Houses of the thirties (1 lecture). 1989.
  • Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas:
    • The Architecture of Cipriano Dominguez (1 lecture). 2001.


As a young Architect, from 1979 to 1983, he was responsible for the development of an 800 acre "Educational and Vacational City for 20,000 Children" on an island off the northern coast of South America, which included the urban planning annd all its building components. In the meantime, he also completed the design of a number of sport complexes and equine installations. From 1983 to 1984, while concurrently teaching in Alabama, he did work for the reputable firm of McCall & Associates; engaged in the design of a series of vast residential developments in Gulf Shores, Alabama, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Charleston, South Carolina. At the same time, on his own, he designed Nadir Racetrack in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Between 1985 and 1996, he worked on numerous housing and equine projects, while testing and exploring new ideas.

Established in South Florida, from 1996, he has served as Project Architect and Consultant to the most important firms in the region, assuming a number of challenging projects, such as teh American Airlines erminal expansion at Miami International Airport, residential skyscrapers on Brickell (Miami), mid-rises in Palm Beach County and many others. He has participated in a number of national and international architectural competitions. Overall, he is responsible for about one hundred and fifty projects.

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