Modeling Best Professional Practices in Teaching

Faculty model teaching excellence through a variety of research-based teaching practices such as discussion, inquiry learning, cooperative learning, role playing, demonstration teaching, use of the Internet, and presentations using technology such as PowerPoint.

Performance assessment techniques such as the comprehensive examination portfolio, literacy portfolios, thematic/integrated units, mini projects, independent study projects, oral reports, presentations, case studies, lesson plans, and essays are used to assess outcomes that are in alignment with the conceptual framework criteria. Because the constructivist reflective approach is student centered, faculty value candidate learning and adjust instruction appropriately to enhance candidate learning.

Faculty integrate technology throughout their teaching. Current and emerging technologies used by faculty include equipment computers, TVs, LCD and overhead projectors, software and technological environments such as computer authoring and interactive programs, Blackboard, the University Web-based site and other Internet sites, PowerPoint presentations, e-mail, and video taped presentations. Through the Center for Continuing Education, the University offers regular training opportunities for faculty and staff to enhance their technology skills. The University and the unit also offer assistance to faculty related to technology.