Unit Facilitation of Professional Development

The unit continues professional development activities through Title lll funds, the Bush grant and the Dean’s budget. Faculty and staff attend workshops, present papers at conferences, serve as consultants, and visit other universities to improve their teaching and learning.

Another important faculty development activity in the unit is the sabbatical. One education faculty member received a sabbatical during the Spring Semester 2002, to conduct research. Another education faculty member has applied for a sabbatical for fall Semester 2003. In addition to the sabbatical, other opportunities in the unit for professional development activities include on- campus workshops and seminars through the Center for Continuing Education. One of our faculty members serves as a technology trainer to other faculty members in the unit.

New faculty in the unit receive support from senior faculty members. For example, a senior faculty member and a new faculty member taught EDU 0430, Student Teaching Seminar, the fall semester 2001. Another important area of mentoring is the support given to a new faculty in gathering and organizing materials for rank certification. In addition, new faculty are encouraged to write grants to develop programs and projects such as the Tuskegee University Summer Diagnostic and Corrective Reading Program funded by Title III.