Veterans Affairs


The Veterans Affairs office serves as liaison between Veteran students enrolled at Tuskegee University and the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Counseling and support services are provided to address unique characteristic needs and problems of veteran students, dependents and National Guard/reserve members.

VA Benefits

A student who has been accepted to Tuskegee University the following documentation is required to facilitate the process to receive benefits.


Parent must be 100% disabled, killed in action or missing in action.

  1. 22-5490 Survivor's and Dependents Educational Assistance Form
  2. Certificate/Letter of Eligibility
  3. Dependents Change of Program Form 22-5495 (transfer student)
  4. VA Benefits Data Form (Registrar or Counselor's Office, Tuskegee University)


Reservist, National Guard

  1. VA Benefits Application Form 22-1990
  2. N.O.B.E. Form DD-2384
  3. Form DD-214 (Armed Services Discharge Papers)
  4. Disabled Veterans (Certification Status) Form 28-1905
  5. VA Benefits Data Form (Registrar or Counselor's Office, Tuskegee University)

Some VA Benefits Forms can be downloaded from the website

All forms must be completed with appropriate signature and date.

For further assistance please contact Warrena D. Millon, Counselor at 334-727-8238.  You may fax all documents to 724-4661.