A Message from the Director of Residence Life


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Tuskegee University.

The Department of Residence Life and Development supports each individual resident in all areas of his or her college experience.  Residence Life and Development believes that each resident student should play an active part in the development of a community that embraces diversity, personal growth, scholarship and respect of self, others and the environment.

The Department of Residence Life will create a positive interactive-learning environment for all students.  As a team, we will share experiences, respect and nurture one another, and as individuals, we will learn more about ourselves.  Staff members, will also embrace diversity, personal growth, academic success and respect for oneself, each other and the campus environment.  The Department of Residence Life and Development will strive to create a healthy, safe, and interactive environment for the residential community. 

As members of Tuskegee University, The Department of Residence Life & Development hereby commits to establish an educational culture in which ethnic variety of all members is recognized as an asset.  We will strive to promote the celebration of uniqueness that each student brings to this institution.

Welcome to TU, 

Jennifer Burns-Reed, Director
Residence Life and Development