T.U. Available Medical Services 


Evaluation and treatment are available for:

  • common respiratory infections
  • minor injuries, gynecological problems
  • urinary tract infections
  • sexually transmissible diseases,
  • sports injuries
  • other acute illnesses
  • treatment of chronic illnesses such as asthma, hypertension, diabetes and others

Allergy Injections

Students must supply their own medications and instructions from their personal physicians. There is a small charge for administration and students may arrange a time with the Student Health Center to receive injections.

Laboratory Tests

A wide range of laboratory tests is available through the Student Health Center.


A wide range of diagnostic x-rays and scans is available through East Alabama Medical Center, Opelika, Alabama.


Some selected medications are dispensed free of charge. There is a fee for all other medications and injections which are billed to the student. Prescriptions are written for those medications which are not available at the Student Health Center.

Student Charges and Billing

Students are billed for chargeable services (medications, medical supplies and labwork) they receive at the Student Health Center. The Center does not file insurance claims for students, however students may recieve assistance with filing claims. Students who are billed by the Bursar will receive an itemized statement listing the medical services provided.