T.U. Medical Requirements 



If you are enrolling at Tuskegee University for the first time, you are REQUIRED to complete and submit the Health Profile form, prior to registration.

The Health Profile form requirements include:

  1. A recent Physical Examination done and signed by a physician. (Note: Certain parts of the profile form must be completed by the student prior to going to the physician).
  2. Provide documentation of having received two (2) doses of measles vaccine.
  3. Provide documentation of a recent Tuberculin Skin Test (TB Skin test) and results, unless exempted by valid medical reasons.

The Health Profile form can be downloaded from the link below.  The form is also available on the Tuskegee University Admissions webpage:

    Medical Information Form (pdf)

The completed Health Profile should be mailed to:

Student Health Center
Tuskegee University
Tuskegee, AL 36088


Faxed to: (334) 724-4437

Note:  New Students cannot register for classes unless these requirements have been met and received the Medical Clearance from TU Student Health Services.

Director's Contact Info:
Dr. June Samuel
Director, Student Health Services
235 Bioethics Building
Tuskegee University
Alabama 36088
Ph: (334) 727-8647
E-mail: samuelj@tuskegee.edu