Mentoring Program


Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Support Services Mentoring Program is two-fold:

The first aspect is to provide an avenue for which our program participants are afforded the opportunity to network and learn to speak in front of others. The mentors also have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences in an effort to give back to the community and encourage the children of the community.

The second aspect is for our mentors to provide insight concerning college issues to students of our sister programs (Upward Bound and Talent Search) as well as others in an effort to encourage students from economically and educationally challenged backgrounds to attend college.

Who Qualifies?

Our mentors are dedicated volunteers who often times are members of our program.  We also have students who are from the general Tuskegee University population.  The students range from Freshman to Senior and  have a variety of majors.

The majority of mentors are referred to us by students who have worked with the program.  Students are asked to fill out an application, interview with the coordinating counselor, and sign a contract.  The contract allows the individual to take ownership and responsibility in their volunteer efforts.  It also says that the individual agrees to the rules and regulations of the program.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE! There is no charge for participation in the Student Support Services Program. SSS will only cost you time, interest and willingness to fulfill your potential.


If you want to find out more about SSS, please contact us.

Contact Information

Location: Old Administration Building, Second floor, Suites 200-205

Phone: 334-727-8244

Fax: 334-724-4689


Ardelia M. Lunn
Counselor Coordinator

Olivette Pritchett
Secretary/Information Specialist