Physical Fitness


Working hard eventually pays off.

In the end, it's all fun and games.

Practice makes perfect.

As an Army ROTC cadet, you will be expected to maintain good physical fitness. MS-I and II's cadets (Freshmen and Sopohmores) are required to attend Physical Training three days a week. MS-III and MS-IV's cadets (Juniors and Seniors) are required to attend Physical Training five times a week. Physical Fitness uniforms will be provided by the Tiger Battalion Supply Sergeant. All cadets will be required to attain a minimum score of 180 points on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). The APFT is given once a semester.  The cadets will also be required to passed the Combat Water Survival Test before commissioning.  Each cadet must know how to swim and pass the APFT test before being commissioned.

Waking up before dawn to push the body to extreme levels of exhaustion, and af-terwards attending hour long class sessions makes a normal student look even lazier than the original stereotype. Cadets of the Golden Tiger Bat-talion incessantly work out their minds and bodies three times a week to prepare themselves for an exam that pushes the mind and body through every emotion one could think of. Emphasizing the importance of physical fitness, the cadre of the Golden Tiger Battalion recog-nizes cadets who excel in physical fitness while main-taining high academic standards. This is no small feat consid-ering the environment in which a cadet operates. While it is may be “easy” to stay focused in a military setting such as a military base or academy, the task of staying mentally and physically fo-cused on a college campus is challenging because there is always some event or activity going on, in some building, all of the time.