Ranger Challenge

The Ranger Challenge Team is the varsity team for Army ROTC. The Ranger Challenge team is composed of squad size element consisting of an eleven cadets, male and female. The Ranger Challenge team competes against other school teams in the following events: 10K road march, Army Physical Fitness Test, weapon assembly & disassembly, construction & deconstruction of a rope bridge, marksmanship and other elite training. The competition is held annually at Fort Benning, GA on the Brigade level.

The Brigade that Tuskegee University Army ROTC Ranger Challenge team competes against 38 other schools that are encompassed in the southern states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North & South Carolina within in the Corps of Cadets. Overall, Ranger Challenge is a great opportunity for cadets to "test" with each other in completing military drills, tasks, and leadership abilities.