The Color Guard


The Tuskegee University Color Guard leading the way in the Homecoming parade.

The Tuskegee way with President Rochon
Left Hand Side: Cdt. Jordan, MDSHPN Ratcliff, Cdt. Posey, MDSHPN Carter.
Middle: President G. Rochon
Right Hand Side: Cdt. Elseberry, Cdt. Walker, Cdt. Lynch.

Standing proud and looking sharp before the big kickoff

The Color Guard is responsible for participating in the opening ceremonies for the University Football games, the Military Dining In and the Military Dining Out. The Color Guard also marches in the Tuskegee University Homecoming Parade and the Veterans' Day Parade.
Throughout history, the "Colour Guard" is considered to be an elite, if not a prestigious, group of selected individuals within a unit. Each individual on the team must be proficient in drill and ceremony as well as familiar with the traditions and customs of their respective branch. On both ends, traditionally, reside the seasoned Non-Commissioned Officers of the branch while in the middle reside either Warrant Officers (depending on the country represented) or young Commissioned Officers to carry the official Colors of the country.