Cheerleader Try-Out Information

2014 Application Deadline Date: TBA
2014 Try-out Dates:  TBA
                        Chappie James Arena (Gym Floor) 
Cheerleader try-outs are normally a three day process and open for public viewing.  Cheerleaders are chosen for the entire year and are required to participate in all squad functions.  Cheerleading experience (all-star, highschool, collegiate) and collegiate level tumbling skills (handsprings, tucks, combination passes, etc.) are preferred. We are looking for young men and women who are:

  • Able to execute strong, precise motions, jumps, stunts and dance movements
  • Able to learn and perfect material quickly
  • Responsible, dedicated, highly motivated, competitive, creative, team players 
  • Able to loudly project their voice in an expressive manner

Requirements:    TBA


** Students must be comfortable with any tumbling skills they attempt to perform on a basketball court without a spotter.


During the try-out process, all students must wear a t-shirt, shorts, socks and flat-bottomed athletic/cheer shoes with laces.  The shirt and shorts should not be excessively loose or tight.  No jewelry, tanks, biker shorts, or leggings/tights (without proper cover).  Hair must be secured away from the face at all times.