Academic Terms: "Alumni" and others

alumna - Use this singular term for a female graduate.

alumnae - Use this plural term for a group of female graduates.

alumni - Use this plural term for former students or graduates, whether referring to a group of males or a group consisting of males and females.

alumnus - Use this singular term for a male graduate.

alma mater - A term that may be used when referring to Tuskegee University, the university from which you have graduated.

Bachelor of Arts - B.A.

Bachelor of Science - B.S.

Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D.

Master of Arts - M.A.

Master of Science - M.S.

Tuskegee University's alumni associations:


  • Tuskegee National Alumni Association, Inc. (TNAA)
  • Tuskegee Architecture and Construction Alumni Association (TACAA)
  • Eminent 1000 Plus/Tuskegee University Agricultural, Environmental and Natural Sciences Alumni Association (TUAENSAA)
  • Tuskegee University National Athletic Association (TUNAA)
  • Tuskegee Nursing Alumni (TNA)
  • Tuskegee University Band Alumni Association (TUBAA)
  • Tuskegee Veterinary Medical Alumni Association (TVMAA)
  • Tuskegee Engineers Alumni Association (TEAA)
  • Tuskegee Alumni Housing Foundation (TAHF)