Commencement Procedures

1. All candidates are required to wear approved academic regalia 
-- traditional caps and gowns. Persons who are not in compliance with approved academic regalia will not be permitted to participate in the Commencement Exercises. 

2. Academic regalia is most appropriate when worn without jewelry such as bangles, large necklaces, or large earrings.

3. Chewing gum is inappropriate and not permitted.

4. Smoking is prohibited at all times.

5. Black shoes and dark clothing should be worn with the cap and gown by all candidates. In order to avoid accidents, women should not wear "spiked" heels. Because of pro-longed standing, comfortable (black) shoes and attire is recommended.

6. Men should remove their hats during the Invocation, Benediction and the singing of the Tuskegee Song.

7. All candidates will rise, as a group, when presented to the President by their respective deans.

8. When a candidate arrives at the top of the steps of the platform, the individual's name will be called.

9. Candidates will receive the diploma with the left hand and will extend the right hand to the President.

10. After receiving the diploma, candidates must return to their seats and remain until the conclusion of the Commencement Exercises.

11. Only University authorized photographers are permitted to take pictures during the Commencement Exercises.