Capital Projects Update

Project Title                                                 Rockefeller Hall - Renovation

Project Architect                                          Williams-Blackstock Architects, Birmingham, Alabama
Associate Architect                                      Charles Williams & Associates
General Contractor                                      Raben General Contractors, Auburn, Alabama  
Program Management Firm                         Hoar Program Management, L.L.C., Birmingham, Alabama

Primary Funding Source                              U.S. Department of Education's HBCU Capital Financing Program

Facility Square Footage                              25,351

Construction Notice to Proceed Date           August 2011
Substantial Completion Date                       August 2012

Construction Progress % Complete              100% Complete

Project Summary

Rockefeller Hall was a major renovation to the existing building which was constructed in 1903. The renovated building remains a four (4) story structure of residential bedrooms and baths. The original interior of the building was completely removed and replaced with a new structure steel fiame and concrete slab on grade and elevated concrete slabs on metal decking. The partial basement area was significantly improved to accommodate the more updated infrastructure systems such as mechanical room, fire protection equipment, new main electrical switchgear room, etc. The existing exterior multi-with brick walls remain in which some masonry restoration was performed. The wood framed windows were replaced with more energy efficient thermal glazed aluminum windows. Exterior secure lighting was improved and security cameras were installed on the interior and exterior of the building.

This building meets requirements of the Americans with Disabilities guidelines to include vertical circulation/elevator as well as six (6) handicap accessible bedrooms. This renovated facility includes wireless access points, a laundry room, study rooms and also common areas for relaxation.

This residential facility accommodates 86 male students. The new bedroom configuration style is such that our current day students have come to expect at a
minimum semi-private bathrooms rather than the antiquated central shower configuration.

 Rockefeller Hall Construction Photogallery

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