Eminent Associates Fact Sheet


  • The Eminent Associates (EA) Program was established in 1965 to assist the University with unrestricted gifts for its long-term development program. 

  • The Eminent Associates (EA) Program is a donor recognition program.  Any contribution to the University counts toward your EA recognition for the EA program.

  • The EA brochure is used for initial sign-up to the program and should not be used thereafter.

  • Prospective EA members become Eminent Associates after the donor contributes receives a minimum of $1,000 to the University (pledges do not count towards EA status).

  • Those donors with giving histories of $1,000 or more are not automatically members of the EA program.  Prospective members must join by completing the EA brochure and fulfill financial commitments annually.

  • Prospective EA members have 3 years to complete payments toward their EA status.

  • Depending on EA level, members must contribute an unrestricted minimum amount yearly to remain active members (see EA brochure).  Active members receive the benefits listed for their level of membership.

  • Public recognition is typically conducted during the Eminent Associate Annual Business Meeting.

  • Just as a reminder, all pledge commitments must be completed in order to be recognized as an Eminent Associate at the Eminent Associate Business Meeting during Fall Convocation.