Graduate Degree Programs at Tuskegee University

Ph.D. Programs
Ph.D. in Integrative Biosciences
Ph.D. in Integrative Public Policy and Development
Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Pathobiology
Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering

M.S. Programs
M.S.  in Agricultural & Research Economics *
M.S.  in Animal Sciences *
M.S.  in Biology
M.S.  in Chemistry
M.S.  in Chemical Engineering
M.S.  in Electrical Engineering
M.S.  in Environmental Sciences
M.S.  in Food and Nutritional Sciences
M.S.  in Information Systems & Security Management *
M.S.  in Materials Science & Engineering
MPH (Master in Public Health) *
M.S.  in Mechanical Engineering
M.S.  in Occupational Therapy
M.S.  in Plant and Soil Sciences *
M.S.  in Public Health (MSPH)
M.S.  in Veterinary Sciences (NOT DVM)

Online Programs
M.S. in Environmental Management
M.S. in  Environmental Science*
M.S. in Information Systems & Security Management*

*Programs that offer a non-thesis option.