Important Deadlines

1) Check your record online (TigerWeb) often to make sure that it reflects your actual status: Credits, GPA, etc. Students who completed course work, should make sure that they are formally approved to work on their thesis, to defend it and to graduate.

2) Discuss findings from an enquiry, discrepancies found, and items needing attention with your advisor, who in turn should follow up with the Department Head (Unit Director). Direct your inquiries above the Department Head only if not resolved at that level. Make sure that what you are asking is not covered in the handbook to which Graduate Studies and Research Staff will consult before bringing the matter to the Provost's attention.

3) Tuskegee University has policies in place to address administrative and academic matters in an orderly manner ensuring that appropriate staffpersons at specific levels are involved. The policies facilitate resolution of problems following an established line of command. For instance, writing to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs about a class-grade issue will get referred backwards to where it should have started in the first place.

4) Diplomas: The Registrar's Office distributes diplomas. Diplomas are not available until after the degree is conferred. Because there is no commencement in December, graduates complete the appropriate portion of the Application for the Degree Form to obtain their diploma. Students may opt to pick up their diploma, have the diploma mailed, or request that the diploma be held by the Registrar's Office until further dates.

5) Please observe the following deadlines:

Graduate Studies & Research Deadlines*
 Item  Date  Remarks
Submit applications to attend Fall semester
Exceptions must be requested to GSR by program directors/Deans
Cut off date to replace with originals copies, pdf, bitmaps, etc. submitted online or by fax,
May 15
Application will be considered for following academic year
Cut off date for Graduate Programs to return decision to GSR April 1
Applicants will be notified of Unit’s inactivity on his/her application
GSR notifies applicants
April 15
Requests for earlier notification will be reviewed by GSR
Applicant notifies Program and copy GSR of his/her decision (accept/decline/deferral)
May 10
Position will be filled with waitlist applicants
International Services sends I-20 form to applicant after requirements are met
June 1
Official transcripts, GRE, TOEFL, financial solvency, other requirements

*Please consult the Academic Calendar for events and critical academic deadlines

Other Deadlines
  • February 1 – Deadline to apply for Graduate School
  • August 27 – Deadline to apply for Scholarships
  • March 31 – Priority Deadline for Financial Aid (Tuskegee University’s school code is: 001050)
  • March 31 – Priority Deadline to pay $500 enrollment fee
  • June 30 – Deadline to file FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

There may also be deadlines to apply for loans and grants. Please check with your Admissions Counselor or Financial Aid Counselor.