Vivian Carter, Ph.D.

Deputy Director for Community Engagement

Health Disparities Institute for Research and Education (HDIRE)
Interim Chair, Department of Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy  
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Dr. Carter has a broad background in the behavioral sciences, with specific training in human relations (i.e., organizational development and transformation) and sociology, (i.e., medical sociology and epidemiology). Her record of successful and productive research projects, coupled with her behavioral and bioethical expertise and experience, has positioned her to assume key positions with major projects at the University, such as the current Tuskegee University component of the U54 Cancer Research Partnership, where she is functioning as the community outreach leader. 

Throughout her career, she has successfully administered research projects, engaged in interdisciplinary collaborations with academic, community and national groups to produce articles in several peer-reviewed journals, and completed more than half a dozen research projects. Just as important, she has used her own research in breast and prostate cancer to gain valuable insights into the collection and analysis of data from community sources. 

Carter has held faculty appointments at the University since 1998 as Assistant Professor of Sociology, Associate Professor of Sociology and Assistant Director for Community Partnerships at the TU National Center for Bioethics in Research and Healthcare. She appeared in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers for four years and was also the recipient of the Tuskegee University Excellence in Teaching Award and the Excellence in Research Award. 

Her academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science degree from Cameron University in business administration; and three degrees from the University of Oklahoma -- a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology, a master’s degree in Human Resources and a doctorate in sociology.