Marcia Martinez, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology 
Deputy Director for Education/Training 

Health Disparities Institute for Research and Education (HDIRE)   
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Dr. Martinez has distinguished herself as a researcher in the field of immunology (most specifically with projects examining T cell development), and has received several large research grants to further these pursuits. Currently, she serves as the Director of Tuskegee University’s MARC U STAR program and Chair of the Tuskegee University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. She also serves as a faculty member of the Tuskegee University Ph.D. program in Integrative Biosciences, and a member of the Student Selection Committee, which reviews applications and interviews prospective applicants for the same program. 

She has trained both undergraduate and graduate students in biomedical research in the laboratory and in the classroom, and her love of teaching has led her to develop innovative strategies to help students hone their skills in this arena. She has authored/co-authored a diverse array of articles in peer-reviewed publications and submitted poster presentations and scientific abstracts on various research topics. 

Her educational accomplishments include: an undergraduate degree in biology from St. Francis College in NY; a Master of Arts degree in biology from the City College of CUNY in NY; a Ph.D. in molecular cell development, biology and genetics from the Graduate School of CUNY; and, postdoctoral work in immunology from the City College of CUNY.