Homecoming Events Tickets

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Please contact the following persons for Event Tickets: 
SGA Student Events 
Office of Student Life & Dev.

Please Contact:
Yvonne Carr, Admin. Asst.
Phone: 334-727-8155, or
Joe Brown, Director
Phone: 334-727-8838
Alumni & Friends Events 
Office of Alumni Affairs 
Toll free: 1-800-831-8812 
Phone: 334-727-8342 

Reunion Class Registration and
Ticket Sales- Registration Desk in
Kellogg Hotel & Conf. Center

Homecoming Game

Homecoming Game Ticket Info

Christina Donner-Ticket Sales Mgr.
Phone: 334-727-8594 

SGA Homecoming Event Ticket Information

SGA All-Event Passes - sold online at eventbrite.com for $50.00 (limit one pass per TU student).
The passes are for currently enrolled TU students only!! 
Non-TU students - purchase a Future Concert ticket at
eventbrite.com for $40.00.  
ALL online sales will end at 6:00 p.m. CST on Thursday, October 29, 2015. 

To receive your pass, present your valid Fall 2015 TU student ID card and a receipt of proof of purchase of the online pass, to the SGA in Tompkins Hall, Suite 502 on Thur, Oct. 29th and Fri, Oct. 30th from 10am until 5pm.

TU Student with $50 All-Event Pass can enter the following events. 
Rave Revue Fashion Show
Logan Hall
Mon., Nov.2        9-11pm
  • TU Student (with valid TU ID card) - $5
  • Non-TU Student - $10
Comedy Show 
Logan Hall
Tue., Nov.3         9-11pm
  • TU Student (with valid TU ID card) - $10
  • Non-TU Student - $15 
Throw Back R&B Concert
Logan Hall 
Wed., Nov. 4       9-11pm
  • TU Student (with valid TU ID card) - $5
  • Non-TU Student - $10  
Future Concert
Chappie James Center
Fri, Nov.6           8:30pm 

  • TU Student without Pass (presale) - $40
  • Non-TU Student (presale) - $40
  • TU Student (at door) - $45
  • Non-TU Student (at door) - $55  
Step Show
Chappie James Center
Sat., Nov.7          7:00pm

  • TU Student without Pass (presale) - $15
  • Visiting Student - $15 (available only at Student Life Office)
  • Non-Student (presale) - $20
  • Everyone (at door) - $25

All Students must present their valid school ID card to purchase student tickets.

Beginning Friday, Oct. 30, FUTURE CONCERT tickets and STEP SHOW tickets will be sold at the
Cashiers’ Window (Phone: 334-727-8525) in Kresge Center from 9am-3pm. 
Ticket sales will end early on Fri, Nov. 6, 2015. 
This is the only place tickets may be purchased using a debit or credit card!!

Beginning Friday, Oct. 30, FUTURE CONCERT tickets and STEP SHOW tickets will be sold in the
Student Life Office in Tompkins Hall, Suite 400 from 10am-5pm. (Cash Only) 
Ticket sales in the Student Life Office will end at 3pm sharp on Fri, Nov. 6, 2015.

(If you have questions, please call the Student Life Office at 334-727-8838/8155) 

Football game tickets are not sold in the Student Life Office!!!
Please purchase them at the Cashiers window in Kresge Center or at the Stadium on game day.