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Alphabetical listing of all Library staff.


Margaret D. Alexander
Librarian, Veterinary Medical Library
Ph: 334-727-8780
e-mail -

Antonio Barrino
Library Assistant, Circulation/Reserves
Ph: 334-724-4744
e-mail -

Wei Beach
Scanning Technician - Archives
Ph: 334- 727- 4357

Janie Beason
Library Assistant,Technical Services
Ph: 334-727-8899

Odessa Berry

Library Assistant - LRC Media/Serials
Ph: 334-727-4688
e-mail -

Daryl Brownlee
Library Assistant, Veterinary Medicine

Yolanda Callaway
Library Assistant, Veterinary Medicine
Ph: 334-727-8307

Dana Chandler
University Archivist
Ph: 334-725-2374
e-mail - ,

Claudette Charlton
Library Assistant, Receiving & Binding
Ph: 334-727-8893

Tamara Cottrell
Library Assistant - Veterinary Medicine
Ph: 334-727-8307
e-mail -

Shirkant Diskalkar
Library Assistant, Engineering Library
Ph: 334-727-8901

Cheryl Ferguson
Archival Assistant
Ph: 334-725-2383

Rose Frazier
LRC Librarian
Ph: 334-727-8899

Catherine L. Glass
Administrative Assistant
Ph: 334-727-8894

Deborah Haile
Librarian, Head Technical Services/Acquisitions
Ph: 334-727-8898
e-mail -

Leigh Jones
Engineering Librarian
Ph: 334-727-8901

Corliss Kassim
Library Assistant, Veterinary Medicine
Ph: 334-727-8307

Beverly Marable
Library Assistant, Washington/Rare Books Room
Ph: 334-724-8890
e-mail -

Myrtis Morris
Office Manager, Legacy Museum
Ph: 334-727-8889

Asteria Ndulute
Librarian, Government Documents/References Librarian
Ph: 334-727-8891
e-mail -

Alicia Pichon
Library Assistant, Government Documents
Ph: 334-727-8958
e-mail -

Deloris Player

Head of Circulation/Reserves
Ph: 334-727-8900
e-mail -

Juanita M. Roberts
Director of Library Services
Ph: 334-727-8894
e-mail -

Dr. Jontyle Robinson
Museum Curator
Ph: 334-727-8888

Eunice Gail Samuel
Head of Reference Services
Ph: 334-724-4231
e-mail -

Shakuntala Singh
Library Supervisor, Architecture Library
Ph: 334-724-4269
e-mail -

Jeffrey Strong
Museum Technician
Ph: 334-725-8898
e-mail -

Jonathan A. Underwood
Information Literacy/Reference Librarian
Ph: 334-727-8676
e-mail -

Richard Webb
Library Assistant, Stacks Supervisor
Ph: 334-727-8896
e-mail -

Roderick Wheeler
Assistant Computer Lab Manager
Ph: 334-724-4740

Tracy Williams
Computer Lab/Library Systems Administrator
Ph: 334-724-4543