Library Online Databases can be accessed  on-campus  or  off-campus  by clicking on one of the following links:


Off-Campus Database Access

Tuskegee University Libraries offer remote access to online databases. Registered students, faculty, and staff of Tuskegee University must use their username and password issued by Campus Technology to gain off-campus access to Library subscribed online databases.

Users connecting from off-campus computers must set their web browsers to accept cookies (POPUPS) from our proxy server for authentication purposes. If you experience problems with off-campus access, please contact the Library for assistance: 

      Ph: 334-724-4740 / email:     

Access is restricted to Tuskegee University faculty, staff, and registered students.  

The username/password combination that you should use is your DOMAIN account. It's the same information that you would use to logon to any computer on the TUSKEGEE domain. If you have problems with your DOMAIN username or password you should contact Campus Technology at (334)-727-8040. 

Printing Policies

Black & white only


Public copiers – $0.10 per page.  Cash only (dimes, quarters, and bills).

  • 1st floor – 1 copier near back door entrance
  • 2nd floor –1 copier adjacent to Reference Desk
  • 3rd floor – 1 copier adjacent to Special Collections Department

Computer Lab

Usage of the library computers and the 3rd floor Computer Lab is restricted to current students, faculty, and staff.  Users must have a current domain username, password, and valid ID card. 

Printing:  Students are allocated 250 copies each semester.   When the quota is exhausted, please contact Campus Technology for assistance to replenish your print allocations.

To improve the efficiency of the printing system, print jobs will remain in printing queues for only 30 minutes. Please be sure to retrieve your print jobs within this time frame.

Smart Printing Tips

  • Please think before you print and consider these tips to help conserve resources, reduce waste, and make your printing quota last longer.
  • Correct errors before printing. Spell check and use "print preview" to identify editing and   formatting problems.
  • When printing from a web browser, use "print preview" to see how the page will be laid out. Print only the selection of pages that you need.
  • When PowerPoint printing, print handouts instead of slides. You can print up to 9 slides per page. Make this selection on the Print dialog box.
  • Avoid printing e-mails to simply read them. If you must print multiple emails, cut and paste them into a single MS Word file.
  • Share documents electronically using Google Docs, Blackboard or e-mail.


Microfiche/microfilm reader/printers are available on the 2nd floor of the Ford Motor Company Library and the University Archives.