NOW OPEN at the Legacy Museum---an 1890 Land-Grant exhibition called "The Gathering." Click here for more information.

SANKOFA BIRD (mythology from the Akan people of West Africa) Dahomean cloth appliqué Fon People-Republic of Benin (formerly Dahomey) - West Africa Tuskegee University Library Services The Lovette W. Harper Collection of African Art.


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  • Located at 1 Benjamin Payton Drive on the Tuskegee University campus in the former Infantile Paralysis Unit of John A. Andrew Memorial Hospital.
  • Opened April 2009. 
  • Created to honor the 599 participants of the United States Public Health Service Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male in Macon County, Alabama (1932-1972). 
  • Designed with two floors of exhibition space (nearly 9,000 square feet). 
  • Treasured Tuskegee University historical moments in public health, science, medicine, and the visual arts collection are highlighted in exhibitions and displays. 
  • Included in the collections are African, African-American, American, European, and Oceanic art amassed over 130 years. Antique furniture is also a part of the collection. Art created by renowned artists such as Edmonia Lewis, William Edouard Scott, William H. Harper, Henry Ossawa Tanner, William H. Johnson, and Ernest Crichlow have been donated to the museum.