6th Grade Module

1) Space Detectives: What's in the Star? (published on ALEX)
     a. 3-D simulation for Space Detectives: What's in the Star?  (In order to manipulate the image, click on the (X) located in the lower left hand corner)
2) The Galaxy's Next Top Alien
    a. 3-D simulation for GTNA (In order to view all planets, right click inside the module and select "go full screen". To rotate the camera, hold down the right mouse button. To zoom, scroll up or down on the mouse wheel or use the arrow keys.)
3) The Rock Cycle
    a. Rock Module Powerpoint
    b. Rock Cycle Microscopy Powerpoint
4) Rapping with Plates
5) Exploring Nanotechnology Using Nanogold as a Sensor
    A.  Sports Drink and Nanotechnology 5E Inquiry Lesson Plan
    B.  Handout A
    C.  Handout B
    D.  Pre and Post Test
    E.  Pre and Post Test with Answers
    F.  Sports Drinks and Electrolytes Powerpoint
    G. Student Lab Guide
    H. Data Collection Table
    I.  Teacher Pre-Lab Guide
6) Plate Tectonics: Pangea- The Super Continent (published on ALEX)
7) Storm Chaser  (published on ALEX)