6th Grade Module

1) Space Detectives: What's in the Star? (published on ALEX)

A. 3-D simulation for Space Detectives: What's in the Star?  (In order to manipulate the image, click on the (X) located in the lower left hand corner)

2) The Galaxy's Next Top Alien (published on ALEX)

A. 3-D simulation for GTNA (In order to view all planets, right click inside the module and select "go full screen". To rotate the camera, hold down the right mouse button. To zoom, scroll up or down on the mouse wheel or use the arrow keys.)

3) The Rock Cycle

A. Rock Module Powerpoint

B. Rock Cycle Microscopy Powerpoint

4) Exploring Nanotechnology Using Nanogold as a Sensor (published on ALEX)

A. Sports Drink and Nanotechnology 5E Inquiry Lesson Plan

B. Handout A

C. Handout B

D. Pre and Post Test

E. Pre and Post Test with Answers

F. Sports Drinks and Electrolytes Powerpoint

G. Student Lab Guide

H. Data Collection Table

I. Teacher Pre-Lab Guide

5) Plate Tectonics: Pangea- The Super Continent (published on ALEX)

A. 5-E Inquiry Lesson Plan

B. Pre and Post Test without answers

C. Pre and Post Test with answers

D. Background Information

E. Powerpoint

F. Teachers Key for Exercise

G. Hint for 6th Grade Exercise

H. Teacher Pre Lab Guide

I.  Figures for Puzzle Plate

J. Directions for Wegners Fossil Evidence

K. Wegners Fossil Puzzle Pieces

L. Modeling Activity

M. Modeling Activity Puzzle Pieces

N. Word Search

O. Pangea Map

P. Handout B

Q. Handout C

R. Handout C with answers

S. Handout D

T. Handout D with answers

6) Storm Chaser  (published on ALEX)

7) Plate Tectonics: Convection Model - Plates Go with the Flow (published on ALEX)

8) Plate Tectonics: Slip, Slidin' Away(published on ALEX)

A. 5-E Inquiry Lesson Plan

B. Pre and Post Test without answers

C. Pre and Post Test with answers

D. Powerpoint

E. Handout A

F. Handout A with answers

G.Handout B

H.Data Sheet for Handout B

I. Data Sheet for Handout B with answers

J. Handout C

K. Handout C with answers

L. Graham Cracker and Chewing Gum Lab

M. Background Information

N. Word Search

9. 3D Lab Safety Simulation

10. ABCs of Nano (published in ALEX)

A. 5-E Inquiry Lesson Plan

B. Powerpoint

C. Nano Icon

D. Nanoengineering

E. Size of Nano

F. Edax Spectrum

G. Element Identification

H. Atoms Family

11. Weathering and Erosion (published in ALEX)

A. 5-E Lesson Plan

B. Pre and Post Test

C. Pre and Post Test with answers

D. Powerpoint

E. Moving by the Numbers

F. Moving by the Numbers with Answers

G. Teacher Notes

H. Activity #1/ Handout #1A

I. Handout #1B

J. Handout #1C

K. Activity #2 /Handout #2A

L. Handout #2B

M. Handout #2C

N. Activity #3/Handout #3A

O. Activity #3B

P. Activity #3C

Q. Activity #4/ Handout #4A

R. Handout #4B

S. Handout #4C

T. Activity #5/ Handout #5A

U. Handout #5B

V. Handout #5C

W. Activity #6/ Handout #6A

X. Handout #6B

Y. Handout #6C

Z. Activity #7

Additional Resources: Handout #7B

12) Rapping with the Plates (published in ALEX)

A. Sea Floor Spread

B. Plate Tectonics Modeling Convergent Boundaries

C. Intro to Plate Tectonic Theory

D. Slippin 

E. Test Word Bank

F. The Continental Slide 

G. Student Plate Tectonics Test

H. Student Plate Tectonics Test with Answer Key

I. The Continental Crush

J. Modeling Convection Currents

14) Investigation of Heating and Cooling of the Earth's Surface with a Focus on the Tundra Biome

L) Discussion Questions for Activity 1, Part B

M) Student Lab Instructions for Activity 2

N) Activity 2, Graph 1

Q) Awesome Animals

R) Awesome Animals Answer

S) Crossword Puzzle on the Tundra

T) Terms for Bingo

U) Bingo Vocabulary Definitions

V) Bingo Cards

W) Tundra Animal Word Search