7th Grade Modules

1) DNA
A. DNA 3-D Simulation
B. DNA 5-E Plan
C. Powerpoint
2) Modeling Mitosis
AMitosis Powerpoint 
3) Osmosis and Diffusion(published in ALEX)
A. Osmosis and Diffusion Powerpoint
B. Osmosis and Diffusion video 
4) Barn Owl Pellet Lab 
A. Owl Pellet Powerpoint  
B. Rat Pellet video 
5) Meiosis 3-D Simulation
6) Nanotechnology and Biomimicry Powerpoint
7) Cell of Ozland
A. 5-E Inquiry Plan
B. Supplemental Documents
C. Pictures
D. Pinwheel Template
8) Plant's Nanomachinery for Photosynthesis and Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Conversion
9) Modeling Meiosis and Gamete Formation
A. Meiosis 5-E Plan
B. Meiosis Powerpoint
C. Pretest and Post Test for Meiosis with Answers
D. Pretest and Post Test for Meiosis without Answers
E. A Survey of My Traits
F. Karotyping Activity - Meiosis
G. Questions to Ponder
H. Student Lab Sheet
I.  Student Lab Sheet II
J.  Teacher Pre Lab Guide
K. Taboo Cards for Meiosis
L.  Student Lab Guide Meiotic Microscope Observation
M. Student Answer Sheet: Lab Guide Part I Modeling Meiosis
10) Sickle Cell, The Sticky Cell
A. Sickle Cell, The Sticky Cell 5-E Plan
B. Sickle Cell, The Sticky Cell Powerpoint
C. Sickle Cell, The Sticky Cell Pre-test and Pro-test
11) Self Assembly and Protein Folding
A. 5-E Plan
B. Experiment 
C. Card Activity
D. PowerPoint
E. Case Study 1
F. Case Study 2
G. Case Study 3
H. Guess My Size: Handout
I. Guess My Size: PowerPoint 
12) Finding Nano in the Trees
A. 5-E Inquiry Plan
B. PowerPoint
13) Biomineralization: Why are Abalone Shells so Strong and Shiny?
A. 5-E Inquiry Plan
B. PowerPoint
C. Worksheet
14) Cancer Treatment with Nanotechnology: Can nanotubes “find” cancer cells?
A. Experiment Protocol
B. Example of Collected Data
C. PowerPoint
15) The Punnett Square Shuffle
16) DNA at the Hands of a Nanopore
17) Wanted: Dead or Alive
A. Powerpoint
18) Immunology Using ELISA Simulation (published in ALEX)
A) 5-E Inquiry Plan
B) ELISA Pre and Post Test
C) ELISA Pre and Post Test with Answers
D) Teacher-What Are You Spreading
E) Teacher Manual Sample
F) Powerpoint
G) Student Lab Guide - What Are You Spreading
H) Student Guide #1 
I) Student Guide #2
J) Student Guide #3
K) Student Guide #4
L) Student Guide #5
M) Student Guide #6
N) Mosquitoe Cycle