8th Grade Modules

  1. How Catalyst Works in Water Splitting-Improving Performance with Nano-Scale Structures

    1. Lesson Plan

  2. Clean Energy: Nanoparticles, Chemical Reactions, and Light

  3. Alternative Energy Conversion: Photo Effect of Titanium Oxide in Aqueous Solution and Electrical Energy Production Using Solar Energy

  4. Osmosis and Diffusion

  5. The Power of Nano

  6. Exploring Surface Area with the Mad Scientist (published in ALEX)

  7. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) powerpoint

  8. Nano Water Demonstration: Light Interaction and Dye Molecules and Nanomaterials

  9. Why are abalone seashells so strong? 

    1.  Lesson Plan

    2. Powerpoint

  10. Big Science from the Small World of Atom

    1. Lesson Plan

    2. Powerpoint

    3. Materials Identification - 3D Simulation

    4. 3D Visualization of Big Science from the Small World of Atom - Understanding the Atomic Structure (Click on the element to display its properties.  The 3D model will appear on the right.  Click and hold the 3D model in order to see it spin.)

  11. Finding Nano in the Trees

    1. 5-E Inquiry Plan

    2. PowerPoint

  12. Raman Spectroscopy

    1. Activities

    2. In the World of Raman PowerPoint

    3. What is Raman Spectroscopy in Nanotechnology? Powerpoint

    4. The Look - Alikes Powerpoint

  13. Catalysis with the Nano-Structured Surface of Mentos

    1. Experiment Protocol (for teachers)

    2. Experiment Protocol (for students)

    3. PowerPoint