Requirements to Complete the Program

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Core Academic Requirements:

Students Entering with a B.S. Degree Students Entering with a M.S. Degree
Bioethics IBSC 601 3hrs Bioethics IBSC 601 3hrs
IBS Biochemistry IBSC 603/604  8hrs IBS Biochemistry 603/604  8hrs
Biostatistics  500 3hrs Biostatistics  500 3hrs
Bioinfomatics 565 3 hrs Bioinfomatics 565 3 hrs
IBS Molecular Biology 8hrs IBS Molecular Biology 8hrs
Internship   >8 weeks Internship  >8weeks
Graduate Seminar 610/611 2hrs Graduate Seminar 600/700 2hrs
Supervised Teaching   1 semester Supervised Teaching   1 semester
Adv. Integrative Biosciences IBSC 640A/640B 4 hrs  Adv. Integrative Biosciences IBSC 640A/640B 4 hrs
Additional hours 500/600 level 17-21hrs Advanced courses 500/600 level 1-13hrs*
Doctoral Dissertation 800    8-12hrs Doctoral Dissertation 800   8-12hrs
Total credits required:    60hrs Total credits required:    60hrs

*Students having earned advanced course credits elsewhere may request their transfer. The determination of the IBS Faculty concerning the number of credits to be transferred will be final.  A mechanism for students to "test out" of core courses if a similar course has been successfully completed elsewhere is NOT available.   Completion of the IBS Core Curriculum is MANDATORY.

Residency Requirement:

All IBS Fellows must satisfy a two-year residency requirement.  IBS Fellows must be present on a daily basis on Tuskegee's campus for at least two years in order to qualify for the PhD degree.