“The Tuskegee Airmen have set the standard to the degree of courageousness that we all aspire to.” -Tuskegee University President Gilbert L. Rochon *** "Being a part of a legacy brings joy to what we did." -Anthony Hemingway, "Red Tails" director *** “The men then are the men now.” -Nate Parker, "Red Tails" actor *** "So much of our research into “Red Tails” centered at this place..." -David Oyelowo, "Red Tails" actor *** “We were patriotic; we were proud. We knew we could outfly anybody." -Irma “Pete” Dryden, Tuskegee Airwoman, nurse *** “My father and mother came to Tuskegee to become a part of history.” -Tom Joyner, Tuskegee University alumnus and radio personality *** “In the air, there’s no black or white. You’re a pilot.” -Lt. Roger “Bill” Terry, Tuskegee Airman .




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