Tuskegee University recognizes the importance of external support of research and sponsored programs and the impact these vital programs have on the development of our students and the enormous contributions to society in general.

July 2010


Area Sponsor Principal Investigator Title Total
CVMNAH HHS/NIH/NCI Samuel, Temesgen Molecular Determinants for the Bioactivity of the Flavonoid Quercetin $73,500
CVMNAH HHS/NIH/HRSA Habtemariam, T. Centers of Excellence $2,956,487
CAENS USDA/NIFA/McIntire-Stennis Hill, W/Bonsi, C. Administration of Research Supported by McIntire-Stennis Forest Research Program Funds $9,595
CAENS USDA/NIFA/McIntire-Stennis Hill, W/Bonsi, C./Gurung Sustainable Vegetation Management in Alabama $18,426
CAENS USDA/NIFA/McIntire-Stennis Hill, W/Bonsi, C. Effect of Forest Management Practices on Ecological Processess and Carbon Sequestration in Different Forest Lambs $18,426
CEAPS ExxonMobil Burge, Legand Exxon Mobil Gift $10,000
T-CAM Concurrent Technologies Corp Jeelani, S./Hosur, M. Roadside Explosive Hazard Indicator and Deterrent System (REHIDS) Project $10,000
CLAE Morehouse School of Medicine/SAMHSA Gayle, Catherine Tuskegee University Substance Abuse Program $10,000
CBIS 3M Company Sara, T. Strengthening of the Sales and Marketing Majors at TU $5,000
T-CAM National Science Foundation Jeelani, S. PREM: A Research and Education Partnership in Nanomaterials between TU and Cornell University $510,000
CBIS ExxonMobil Sara, T. Friends of Business $188
CVMNAH HHS/HRSA Nnedu, Cornelia Recruiting and Retaining Minorities in Nursing $418,285
CLAE University of Alabama-Birmingham/HHS/NIH Hannon, L. Deep South Resource Center for Minority Aging $47,516
Admin USDA/FAS/OCBD Carter, Eloise Haiti Ag Assessment Team $13,330
CLAE Universal McCann/U.S. Army Cadet Command Turner, Jeffery Army ROTC Advertising $800
Admin HHS/NIH/NCMHD Williams, Luther Bioethics Research Infrastructure Initiative ($316,372)
Admin HHS/NIH/NCMHD Williams, Luther Bioethics Research Infrastructure Initiative $876,246
CEAPS Chevron Murphy, Gregory Gifts to Electrical Engineering Department $3,000
CVMNAH HHS/NIH/NCRR Habtemariam, T. Endowment Account $1,231,579