Tuskegee University recognizes the importance of external support of research and sponsored programs and the impact these vital programs have on the development of our students and the enormous contributions to society in general.

Human Participants Review Committee (Institutional Review Board)

Dr. Stephen Sodeke,

The Human Participants Review Committee is committeed to providing a safe and healthy work and study environment for faculty, staff and students. Tuskegee University currently has an Federal Wide Assurance number on file from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), for the protection of Human Subjects. Tuskegee University policy requires institutional review and approval of all activities that involve the use of human participants.

Members     College/Department Phone 
Dr. Stephen Sodeke, Chair Bioethics  334-727-8210 
Ms. Bessie Coper Harris  Community Member  334-727-0550 
Dr. Norma Dawkins  CAENS  334-727-8028 
Dr. Jannett Lewis-Clark  CVNMAH  334-725-2385 
Dr. June Samuel  Student Health  334-727-8647 
Dr. Leo Upchurch  CBIS  334-724-4347 
Dr. Andrew Zekeri  CAS  334-727-8006 

Felecia Moss Grant  (Ex-Officio Member)

*The Human Participants Committee meets every last Wednesday of the month.

TU Federal Wide Assurance:  FWA00003249
TU Institutional Review Board:  IRB00001137

Submit one (1) copy of the application packet to Ms. Felecia Grant at Chappie James Center, Room 103, and email one (1) electronic copy to

The package should include the following items:

  • IRB Application (see below)
  • Survey Instrument, if applicable
  • Consent form
  • Certficate of Completion of Mandatory Training Program (see below)           



Human Participants Manual (Pdf)

Human Participants Application Form

Human Participants Application Form (Exemption)

Required Training for Research with Human Subjects 

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