Research at the College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Carlton Morris, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences


Research and development in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) focuses on educational pedagogy, theoretical and applied mathematics, social data analysis and social program effectiveness, political institutions and international relations, historical roots to the modern world, and works of literary and artistic significance.

The School of Education offers bachelor's degree programs to prepare students for professional teacher certification  in Elementary Education, English Language Arts Education, General Science Education, Mathematics Education and Physical Education.

The Division of Liberal Arts offers bachelor's degree programs in liberal arts in English, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work. These disciplines prepare students for appropriate careers in business or industry or for entrance to law school, graduate school or other professional schools. 

CAS graduates pursue careers in public education, law, government, industry, social service agencies and the military. Programs in the College of Arts and Sciences provide skills foundations and cultural perspective to students in all majors in art, foreign languages, music, philosophy, reading, and physical education.

Laboratories, Facilities and Equipment

Wind Tunnel Laboratory, Computer Flight Vehicle Design Laboratory, Architecture and Construction Material Laboratory, Advanced Propulsion Laboratory, Communications Method Research Laboratory and Fluid Thermal Science Laboratory.