Tuskegee University recognizes the importance of external support of research and sponsored programs and the impact these vital programs have on the development of our students and the enormous contributions to society in general.

Research at the College of Engineering

Dr. Legand Burge, Dean College of Engineering


The College of Engineering has research expertise in several emerging areas, and maintains modest funding to support faculty, students and infrastructure. Some of these areas are urban planning and building construction; characterization of polymers; environmental engineering including waste water treatment, soil cultivation and alternative energy sources, such as solar power and fuel cells; aerodynamics and aircraft and spacecraft design; bioremediation and biotechnology; Nanoscience and nano-technology, which includes microelectronics, related integrated circuit design and surface acoustic waves; wireless systems and sensor technology; failure analysis and advance materials characterization; computational fluid dynamics and finite element methods; non-destructive evaluation; affordable-energy efficient-healthy dwellings, innovation building methodology and materials, and flood-damage resistive materials; and thermal and solid state physics. Additional emerging capability areas of interest to industry and government include Six Sigma management strategies, performance-based engineering management and Lean Manufacturing.

Laboratories, Facilities and Equipment

Wind Tunnel Laboratory, Computer Flight Vehicle Design Laboratory, Architecture and Construction Material Laboratory, Advanced Propulsion Laboratory, Communications Method Research Laboratory and Fluid Thermal Science Laboratory.