3M-sponsored competition sharpens students’ selling skills


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (June 21, 2013) — The Sales and Marketing degree program held its first Internal Sales Competition in the Andrew F. Brimmer College of Business and Information Science April 21. Seventeen students in the program participated in mock sales scenario developed by the competition’s sponsor, 3M Corporation.

From the left: James Schmidt, 3M representative; Jazmyn Hawkins, 2nd Place winner; Princess Umukoro, 1st Place winner; Yasmeen Salaam, 3rd Place winner; and Anthony Freeman.  
During the role playing exercises, the students had 20 minutes to sell 3M pet products, Pruven, to a pet storeowner. The students had two weeks of preparation which included mapping the customer, determining their needs, developing a product presentation, identifying possible objections and appropriate responses, closing the deal, and adjusting to a fluid situation. 

The competition was judged during a real-time video feed of the mock transactions. Afterward, DVDs and judges’ comments were given to each student.

“Students love the exercise,” said Anthony Freeman, who teaches Professional Selling, Promotional Strategy (Sales for Social Impact), and Retail Logistics.

Grover Dixon, retired vice president of sales for Owens & Ilinoid, said: “As the instructor, I had the ability to listen to the students’ scripts and score their knowledge, skills, and effectiveness in the sales call — just like a sales manager coaching his/her sales reps. As a result of their work, students were more confident about the sales process and significantly more prepared for future selling opportunities. Their practice earned results.”

Contest Winners:
Princess Ebony Umukoro – 1st place
Jazmyn Hawkins – 2nd Place
Yasmeen Salaam – 3rd Place 

For more information about the Sales and Marketing program, contact Anthony Freeman at afreeman@mytu.tuskegee.edu.

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