Associate professor recognized for his work on nanomaterials


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (April 11, 2013) — Vijay Rangari, associate professor of materials science and engineering, was recently recognized by InTech Academian Journal and Book Publishing Company for achieving impressive readership results of his book chapter titled, “Polymer Nanocomposite Materials for Structural Applications” in the book "Advances in Nanocomposites - Synthesis, Characterization and Industrial Applications". This chapter was read 7,000 times in one week.

In this publication, Rangari explained the advantages of using nanoscale materials for enhancing the performance of automobiles, aerospace structures, body armors and antimicrobial textile products. In the near future, these advances will help in the development of lightweight and fuel-efficient transportation vehicles and antimicrobial products.

The top downloads of his paper are from five countries: the United States of America, India, China, the United Kingdom and Japan. All the research work published in this book chapter was carried out at Tuskegee University. Over the last few years, Rangari has published about 80 peer reviewed journal articles. They were cited 1,400 times by other researchers, nationally and internationally. Previously, his research work highlighted calcium carbonate nanoparticles from egg and sea shells and was also published by Times of India. Rangari’s graduate students, particularly those who receives doctorate in materials science and engineering, are well placed in the industry and national labs.

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