City gearing up to host annual Tuskegee-Morehouse Classic


COLUMBUS, Ga. (October 3, 2012) — For the 77th year, the city of Columbus, Ga., is preparing to receive hundreds of Golden Tigers fans for the annual Tuskegee-Morehouse Football Classic. The event’s committee held a press conference Wednesday at the Columbus Civic Center and welcomed the two universities to a weekend filled with activities to mark the two teams’ 102nd meeting.

The 77th Annual Classic will be played 2 p.m. EST on Saturday at the A.J. McClung Memorial Stadium in Columbus. City and civic leaders from the Tuskegee and Morehouse College communities praised the two institutions and said the event was an important tradition that helped to strengthen ties.

“No matter which tiger wins, we will still be brothers in the skin,” said Henry Shavers, the committee’s secretary emeritus.

Tuskegee alumnus, Herman Lewis, ’69, serves as the committee’s treasurer. He said Tuskegee and Morehouse are two institutions that are committed to excellence and help to create opportunities that result in distinguished graduates.

“Sometimes, we think there’s no opportunity when you go to an HBCU. The opportunity is probably greater because you’re challenged,” Lewis said. “You’ve been told what you couldn’t do, but you’re going to show the world what you can do.”

With three wins so far this season, Tuskegee football coach, Willie Slater, said he was encouraged about this year’s team and that the players were looking forward to proving their abilities on the field.

“We’re excited about coming down here,” Slater said. “Hopefully, we can give you a great game.”

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