Governor signs appropriation bill for increased university funding


MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley signed an appropriation bill today to mark an award of $9,069,227 to Tuskegee University. On April 30, Gov. Bentley approved the bill, HB 167. According to the bill, the university has received appropriations from the state legislature since 1881. This year’s appropriation is a 1.42 percent increase from last year’s award out of the Education Trust Fund.

Although, Tuskegee University is a private institution, it is a state-related land grant university and receives some state support. The bill sponsored by state Rep. Jay Love and stated that the purpose of the bill is “for the support and maintenance of the educational program of the institution.” It also stated that at least $1,284,788 would be used for Tuskegee’s agricultural research and cooperative extension service programs.

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