Mr. Tuskegee University and Gentlemen host suit drive to help aid students in need


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (April 2, 2014) – In support of promoting professionalism amongst Tuskegee University students through proper dress attire, Mr. Tuskegee University and Gentleman have partnered with the Office of Career Development and Placement Services to host the Mr. Tuskegee University and Gentlemen Suit Drive. Announced on March 18, the drive will benefit the Tuskegee University Peer’s Closet, a project created to provide students with the proper attire necessary for business interviews and professional occasions. 

Over the last 15 years, the Office of Career Development and Placement Services has received gently used and new clothing from alumni, faculty, staff and community churches to support of students in need of proper attire for professional settings. The Peer’s Closet will operate directly out of the office and has received ample support from the office’s director Sarah Stringer.

“The Career Development and Placement Services staff complements the students who work with the Peer’s Closet to assist in ensuring that their fellow Tuskegeeans continue to promote the appropriate Tuskegee University image,” Stringer said. 

Senior class president Shaelan Perry, a sales and marketing major from Montevallo, Ala., created the concept for the Tuskegee University Peer’s Closet. As a volunteer in the Career Development and Placement Services Office, her main project was coordinating the Peer’s Closet. Perry said she was humbled to receive the support of Mr. Tuskegee 2013-2014, Dominique Foster, and Gentleman and she had high hopes for the success of the drive.

“I’m excited for the students that will be able to benefit from this clothing drive and I’m also very interested to see how we will grow from here as an organization,” Perry said. 

In support of their vision for the drive, Mr. Tuskegee and Gentlemen also donated their personal clothes. Clothes that were donated to the cause included suits, blazers, pants, slacks, and ties. This, along with the name of the concept, helped add to the contribution of clothing and aided the solicitation of brand new clothing for the students.

Mr. Tuskegee and Gentlemen feel this drive will continue to benefit the positive brand of Tuskegee and will build the confidence of the male students of Tuskegee University who may not be able to afford professional attire. 

“For the individuals that end up receiving the attire, we want to basically build their self-confidence and give them that total package that employers are looking for,” Foster said. “We have a lot of guys that have the mind and the character, but might not have the money to go out and get a new suit. We wanted to make it so that everybody has an equal opportunity to represent the university,” 

For those interested in donating to the suit drive, donations will be received at the front desk of the Office of Career Development and Placement on the 3rd floor of Carnegie Hall. Sarah Stringer can be contacted at 334-727-8255.

Story by: David Nixon Tuskegee University Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing

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