Students acknowledged for internship, cooperative education assignments


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (May 5, 2011) — The Division of Career Development and Placement Services on Thursday held its Summer Internship and Cooperative Education Awards Luncheon in the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center. Students shared their experiences and the roles their professors, mentors and the university in general have played in their workforce opportunities.


Cynthia Sellers, vice president for student affairs, commended career development and placement services director Sarah Stringer and staff for their diligence to ensure students receive hands-on experience in their respective fields.


“This office supports the university’s mission in meaningful career experience,” Sellers said.


Students then shared what they experienced during internships and cooperative education stints. Companies students have worked for included Georgia Power; Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Ala.; Morehouse School of Medicine and Exxon Mobil.


“Ever since I’ve been at Tuskegee, the faculty and staff have stressed the importance of internships and cooperative education,” said Robert Drayden, a student majoring in finance and accounting. “I thank them for preparing me and giving me the skills and confidence to take on my future endeavors.”


Tjunda Torbert, a student majoring in nursing, echoed the sentiments.


“Tuskegee’s faculty and staff instills in us leadership and excellence,” she said. “We are the leaders and managers of tomorrow. We couldn’t do it without their guidance.”


Marcus Hall, a 1984 alumnus, delivered an encouraging keynote speech. He is the head of the Expediationary Maritime Systems Department of the Naval Systems Command in Panama City, Fla.


“Tuskegee ensures students can compete with Ivy League students,” Hall said. “The faculty we have here is international. We learn from the best.”


Hall stressed that one must have a plan to succeed.


“A plan can be flexible,” Hall said. “You can change it, but you must have one.”


Tuskegee President Gilbert L. Rochon closed the event by acknowledging students who contribute their skills to the community in which their university is located.


“It is important to link community engagement with internships,” he said. “Many of you are stepping up to the plate to address the wide variety of needs in this community. While your internships are impressive on your resume, volunteerism is also impressive to certain organizations.”


Rochon continued, addressing administration, faculty and staff to consider more ways to give back to the city.


“We must pledge ourselves to combine academic growth and uplifting the community,” he said. “It will benefit us all.”

Student listens to speaker, Marcus Hall, head of the Expediationary Maritime Systems Department of the Naval Systems Command.

Students, faculty, staff and administration at the event.

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