Tuskegee University among Top 10 Alabama colleges with best Return on Investment


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (March 29, 2013) — In its annual College Return on Investment (ROI) Report, Payscale.com ranked Tuskegee No. 5 in the state. There were only 29 four-year institutions in Alabama on the list of 1,330 colleges around the nation. The list also said the typical starting salary for a Tuskegee grad is $49,400. 

Payscale.com is a site that monitors job salaries and career topics. According to the site: “The focus of the ROI report is to examine the additional salary a college graduate earns over the typical high school graduate, given the costs they incurred for their education.”

For a full breakdown of the ranking, go to:

Top Ten Alabama Schools
  1. University of Alabama at Huntsville (in-state)
  2. University of Alabama at Huntsville (out-of-state)
  3. Auburn University (in-state)
  4. University of Alabama (in-state)
  5. Tuskegee University 
  6. Auburn University (out-of-state)
  7. University of South Alabama (in-state)
  8. University of Alabama (out-of-state)
  9. University of South Alabama (out-of-state)
  10. University of Alabama at Birmingham (in-state)

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