Tuskegee University to mark anniversary of presidential apology for Syphilis Study


TUSKEGEE, Alabama (April 23, 2012) —Tuskegee University will commemorate the 15th anniversary of former President Bill Clinton’s apology for the Syphilis Study on Thursday and Friday. The Tuskegee University National Center for Bioethics in Research and Health Care will hold several anniversary events including a conference, lectures and panel discussions on campus.

This year also marks the 80th anniversary of the United States Public Health Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male in Macon County, Alabama. Known as the “Tuskegee Experiment,” from 1932-1972, black men in the study were denied adequate treatment for syphilis and their health as well as that of their families suffered for decades.

This year’s commemoration themed, “80:  The Journey of History, Health and Healing, 1932-2012,” will focus on the importance of sexual health and health care ethics. On Thursday, there will be a forum on sexual health, targeting students ages 11-24 in the Bioethics Center’s John A. Kenney Auditorium at 11 a.m. Also, there will be a session on healthy sexual behaviors in the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center at Tuskegee University auditorium at 1 p.m.

On Friday at 9 a.m., there will be a lecture and panel discussion, “The Journey of Sexual Health through Research, Education and Community Engagement,” in the Kellogg Hotel auditorium. In addition, author and pastor, Dr. Therman Evans, will speak in the Kellogg Hotel ballroom at 12 p.m. to close the commemoration.

For more information: Go to www.tuskegee.edu/bioethics for registration and to view a detailed schedule. 

About the Apology

The commemoration marks the 1997 apology from U.S. President Bill Clinton to the victims of the infamously known "Tuskegee Experiment." The U.S. Public Health Service program, "Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male," wreaked havoc on hundreds of black men and their families in Macon County, Ala., from 1932 to 1972. Some of their relatives attend the commemoration at Tuskegee annually.


About the National Center for Bioethics in Research and Health Care

The Tuskegee University National Center for Bioethics in Research and Health Care was officially established on May 16, 1999. It officially opened in 2006. The center continues to build upon the rich history and commitment of Tuskegee University to seek improvements in the health and health care of people living in underrepresented areas.



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