About the Staff Senate


On behalf of the Staff Senate, we are asking the Tuskegee Staff to give feedback on amending the by-laws. They have not been amended since 1992. We are hoping that we will receive full participation from the staff. The deadline is May 1, 2016. This is your opportunity to have input of your ideas on policy that affects all aspects of your work environment. 

Bylaws amendments are the means to change bylaws that have been previously adopted. Bylaws may be amended by adding words at the end of a phrase, by insertion between words, by striking words and inserting different words, or by substitution. Such amendments are offered in the form of motions; require previous notice and general membership approval. Please take time to carefully review the bylaws and make changes if you find it necessary. All responses will be reviewed and taken into consideration.

Chair Christine Bradshaw

TU staff may Click Here to pre-view a copy of the By-Laws. Then, send your suggestions to one of the following Staff Senators:

Mrs. Christine Bradshaw
Mrs. Yvonne Carr
Ms. Cheryl Ferguson
Ms. Constanza Hoffman
Mrs. Vanessa Lee
Mrs. Beverly Marable
Ms. Tiffani Williams


The purpose of the Staff Senate is to serve as the legislative body to develop and recommend policies to the University staff not covered by labor union contracts. During intervals between meetings of the staff as a whole, it shall jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to staff affairs and policies of the University that fall within the province of the staff. It has a major role in formulation of legislation that falls within the following areas:
  1. Adjudicating staff matters
  2. Developing and recommending policies governing appointments, status and promoting of staff, working conditions, and fringe benefits
  3. Reviewing periodically the effectiveness of the total staff personnel program

To assist in the communication of issues and activities affecting staff members; actively promotes and facilitates staff participation in the University community.

The Staff Senate meets the third Thursday of every month in the Kellogg Conference Center meeting room  (12 noon - 1:00 pm).