TU Get Fit Challenge

March 2 - June 1, 2015


The Tuskegee University Staff Senate, in helping with the fight against Obesity and unwanted weight gain, would like to challenge Tuskegee University Employees ONLY to become more health conscious by participating in the TU Get Fit Challenge.  The Challenge will be for a three (3) month time frame beginning March 2, 2015 and ending June 1, 2015

The TU Get Fit Challenge is our way of helping our fellow work associates get started with their fitness program. This challenge can provide participants the means of losing unwanted pounds, living healthy, as well as stress relief, flexibility, concentration and self-confidence. “A healthy mind and body is a wonderful thing.” It encourages you to live and enjoy a healthier life style through physical fitness and provides information on living a healthier life.

Participation is VOLUNTARY. Before participating in the TU Get Fit Challenge it is recommended that you check with your physician before starting the TU Get Fit Challenge or any other fitness program. Those who opt in can select their own teammates to work out with or they can choose to work out on their own. The University Weight Trainer located in Logan Hall can assist TU personnel with their weight loss needs and provide safe instruction on how to perform various exercises and use the exercise equipment.

There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for dedication, committment and motivation

The Program will Kick-Off on February 26, 2015 at Logan Hall at 12:00 Noon.  Further weigh-in instructions will be given at that time. The winners will be chosen by using the BMI Method (Body Mass Index). The BMI Method will be explained to participants by Dr. June Samuel, Student Health Services Director. The Challenge will be for a three (3) month time frame beginning March 2, 2015 and ending June 1, 2015

Participants can take advantage of the Tiger Walk Trail, located throughout the campus and walk at their leisure. They can walk in groups as a team or individually. The Staff Senate will also provide weekly activities to assist you with your fitness program needs. A calendar of events will be periodically provided.

Captain Wilbert Anderson, the University Safety Officer, will provide before and after pictures of each participant. Pre and post TU Get Fit Challenge information will be compiled and the files will be kept strictly confidential. The Tuskegee University Staff Senate is looking forward to “Get n Fit” with you.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States with nearly 64% of American adults considered overweight or obese. Weight loss programs that take place at work have proven to be effective at promoting healthy lifestyles. It has also demonstrated the ability to improve both the employee’s health and the financial health of the company. Alabama is listed as the 3rd heaviest state in America by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Survey.The heavier we become, we face greater risk of health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Not dealing with obesity and or weight gain is not in our best interest. It affects not only our lives but our love ones as well. What greater gift of love to give to our families but the gift of a longer life. 

Through education of the mind and exercising of the body as well as providing each individual with the necessary tools and information, this challenge will provide you with the knowledge needed to assist in living and enjoying a more active and healthy life, at home as well as in the work place. 

For additional information about the TU Get Fit Challenge, please contact one of the Staff Senators.