Student Life and Development    


Office of Student Life and Development
Old Administration Building, Rm. 100
Tuskegee University
1200 W. Montgomery Rd.
Tuskegee, AL

Phone: 334-727-8155
Fax: 334-724-3758

Concerned about fitting in?---Don't be. Many student groups, including Greek fraternities and sororities, are active on Tuskegee University's campus.

Student Life and Development provides opportunities for student growth through educational, civic, cultural, social and recreational programs and activities implemented through the staff, student organizations, individuals and committees.

The Student Union, more than a gathering place, boasts meeting space and such conveniences and amenities as quick dining, postal service, games, wide screen television, and a brand new fitness center.

Student support services and activities include tutoring, financial guidance, confidential counseling and workshops on time management, study techniques, productive decision-making, and crisis management.

Tuskegee's support network produces graduates who are well-rounded, self-confident, self-reliant and competent in skills that will serve them personally and professionally.

Tuskegee students can also participate in dozens of civic organizations, student media groups, service groups, state clubs and honor societies representing virtually every academic discipline. Students also have the option of developing their own campus organizations with the approval of the Dean of Students.